Rise of the Flesh-Eaters:
Mom & Dad Change Their Diet

This is not, I repeat this is NOT one of those books where the main character ends up orphaned because his parents are killed in some tragic accident, like getting flattened by a speeding bus or sliced by a runaway train or trampled to death on vacation at Yosemite by a herd of rampaging buffalo. They haven’t mysteriously disappeared while on safari in the Congo. And they haven’t gone up in smoke during an unfortunate house fire after rushing back inside to save the family’s adorable shitzu.

This is one of those books where the parents just sort of end up dead. In their sleep. Only, no one’s sure quite how.

Mostly because the scientists and the other adults who sit around figuring all those things out end up dead too. Well, most of them anyway.

Of course, the interesting thing is what they do after they’re dead.


One morning, just a few weeks ago, our hero, Knox Tucker (that’s me if you didn’t know), woke up around noon and thought the world must have ended, since it was Wednesday and no one had gotten him up for school.

When he made his way downstairs, after stopping off at his big brother Bruce’s room for a few uninterrupted games of Xbox (sometimes I used to think Bruce had cloned himself because he was never, ever, not on that game, so you can’t blame me really when I walked by his room and saw he wasn’t there), our brave hero, moi, found his parents in the kitchen.

Stone cold dead.

That’s the kind of thing that really messes with your head even if you did sleep in.

I wasn’t sure if I should just go back to bed or call the police. But then I figured if I called the police they’d make me go to school and what I really wanted to do was go back upstairs and play more Xbox. Especially when I found out that Bruce was dead too!

And let’s get this out of the way right up front: don’t think I wasn’t sad or shocked or totally grossed out when I found them like I did. But that was three weeks ago. You can’t even imagine the stuff I’ve seen since then. Or the stuff I’ve had to do.

(excerpt from MG novel Rise of the Flesh Eaters)